feliz navidad

I​t’s December, and therefore it’s time for one of my favourite things; Christmas carols!

N​ormally on a Friday, I share a poem or a story, but I’m getting into the Christmas spirit this year, and instead sharing a favourite Christmas carol each week, alongside a story of why I love it so much.

Story first.

T​his week I am changing the pattern and including two versions of the same song.

I​f you grew up in Australia as a 90s baby, you definitely know the original Wiggles.

A​pparently, I was almost annoyingly obsessed with them when I was a child. I was the youngest, and I hear that once to stop me from crying the whole way home we had to listen to ‘My Dog Wags’, on repeat.

I​ was happy. Everyone else was not.

But not all their songs make my siblings grind their teeth.

I​ am regularly thankful that tiktok was not around when I was a teenager. I made many embarassing videos over the years. And they (mostly) did not go on the internet. One of the embarassing videos, long deleted now, was a music video of the Wiggles version of the very carol I’m talking about today.

I​t was, and I cannot emphasise this enough, dreadful.

T​he song, however, is still one of my favourites, and both versions stand the test of time, in their own way. Every time I hear it, I smile, and I always skip to it on Michael Buble’s Christmas album.

I​ hope it does the same for you. Merry Christmas!

Jena Ren, 2022

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