ring those bells

I​t’s December, and therefore it’s time for one of my favourite things; Christmas carols!

N​ormally on a Friday, I share a poem or a story, but I’m getting into the Christmas spirit this year, and instead sharing a favourite Christmas carol each week, alongside a story of why I love it so much.

Story first.

I​n my family, we have always made a big deal of decorating our Christmas tree. Every year, we get a new ornament to add to our individual collection. Every time you get a new ornament, you write it on your Christmas ornament list (on the inside of a shoebox lid), as a short description that you’re meant to remember, alongside the year it was received.

A​s we’ve grown up, this has invariably caused problems. Whose ornament is whose, who has this gingerbread man, or that angel. Which snowman do you have? Mine says I have cats, but I thought it was the one with the boiled lolly. Mostly it has worked out.

B​ut every time this song comes on, we always hum along. It’s beautiful, and really does get stuck in your head. So enjoy!

Jena Ren, 2022

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