who are you today?

Today, you are you.

But are you today’s you, or yesterday’s you?

It doesn’t seem quite possible

That you are tomorrow’s you yet.

But are you today’s you?

Today are you the you that you

Have decided to be today?


Are you the you

Who you accidentally became yesterday?

Today I am the me

who prefers to drink tea,

But yesterday I cried

Till I had my coffee inside.

So am I the me, that

I decided to be today?

Or am I me, that I

Accidentally became yesterday?

Who are we today?



The same?

Today why not by the you

That you like best to be.

You do that,

While I’m over here being me.

Jena Ren / Jenny Guilford – 2020

This photo is from 9 years ago – still teenage me, with red hair that hadn’t started to fade yet! It’s the picture and the thought that inspired this poem.

This post was originally published on September 20, 2020.

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