smile like you mean it

Find something that makes you smile today.

Sometimes it’s just too easy to be in a hurry, looking down and not noticing the world around us. I paused today and saw an advert that made me smile, mostly because I had never seen someone holding out flowers while also looking like he needed a pee break.

It not only made my eyes twinkle a bit, but also gave me a moment of enjoying how spontaneous and silly life can be.

When we get so caught up in thinking about how broken the world looks, we forget that life still happens, God is still good, and smiling is always wonderful.

So find something that makes you smile today. And share it. Because right now the world needs to remember to smile too.

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The picture is of Dorothy the cactus (who likes scrabble) made by my wonderful sisters over at Strings to Things.

This post was originally published on the 9th of March, 2020.

One response to “smile like you mean it”

  1. […] it does mean is that you need to remember to take a breath. Look outside. Watch the seasons. Birds in the trees, blossoms coming out, life continuing even […]


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