finishing up with firsts

O​n the day I’m writing this, it has been three years since I officially moved to the UK. I found the title of this post in a brainstorming document from three years ago, and I pondered on what it meant.

I​ think I used to think that there would be a day in life where I would be finished with firsts.

D​on’t all young people think that? That one day, we’ll just wake up and our lives will be filled with familiar, safe steps that give us everything we need.

P​erspective is always shifting.

I​n one sense, I have finished up with firsts of living in London. I know where I’m going, and I don’t need to look at the map more than once.

B​ut at the same time, firsts are never really done. They just become more comfortable, because you have done so many firsts in your life.

B​ut what this really made me want to do is recognise firsts again.

F​irsts are moments on a journey where you see a new view. The view might be amazing, just good, or not fantastic at all. But you are never going to see it for the first time again.

Recognise it. To enjoy it, or to give yourself the space to find it hard.

Jena Ren, 2023

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