go tell it to australia

I​t’s December, and therefore it’s time for one of my favourite things; Christmas carols!

N​ormally on a Friday, I share a poem or a story, but I’m getting into the Christmas spirit this year, and instead sharing a favourite Christmas carol each week, alongside a story of why I love it so much.

Story first.

T​his one is a different ‘flavour’ to the previous weeks. I’m quite certain that my friends despair of me and my music taste at this time of year.

I​f you grew up as a Christian in Australia, chances are you are familiar, and fond of, Colin Buchanan.

B​ut did you know he has multiple Christmas albums?

O​ne thing that some people don’t know about Colin Buchanan is he also produces a lot of comedy content. Incredibly silly songs, about nonsensical things, and really very funny.

M​y sisters and I only discovered this particular song as adults. Needless to say, we now listen to it every Christmas, and have a bit of a laugh.

I​f you’re Australian, chances are you’ll enjoy this more than others. It is full of names only we understand. But everyone should give it a listen; it’s ridiculous and fun, which is part of what Christmas should be, right?

Jena Ren, 2022

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