joy to the world

I​t’s December, and therefore it’s time for one of my favourite things; Christmas carols!

N​ormally on a Friday, I share a poem or a story, but I’m getting into the Christmas spirit this year, and instead sharing a favourite Christmas carol each week, alongside a story of why I love it so much.

Story first.

M​y mother had an excellent method for waking us up when we were young. She would put in a CD, turn up the stereo, open the door into the hallway, as well as our bedroom doors, and pressed play. She would then get to listen to music, while letting us know that it was time to get up.

O​ver Christmas, this turned into a tradition that lasts till this day.

M​y grandfather’s favourite Christmas carol, and the one I’m sharing today, was Joy to the World, sung by Julie Andrews.

T​herefore, on the first of December (the only acceptable date to start listening to carols), and Christmas day, we would wake up to Julie Andrews. Partly, this was practical, as Pa would inevitably call us during the day to check if we had listened to Julie yet. But it was, to be honest and obvious, joyful, every time to hear it. Because it meant a special day and a special time.

H​ere is the song in question. I hope it is as joyful for you as it is for me.

Jena Ren, 2022

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