change of seasons

The change of temperature effects musical instruments in thoroughly annoying ways. They go out of tune, become difficult to play and sometimes they get damaged.

I really enjoyed the change of seasons from summer to autumn in London this year. Summer was long and hot, with no air conditioning, and felt stifling. Not hot (I love the heat), but stifling. So, when the rain came, I was delighted. It was a welcome change, and a relief for all of us.

But what does a change of season really mean?

Well, I find the change of season can result in less pressure. For example, in summer, there is such an expectation that you will be constantly doing something.

But when autumn comes round, it lets up a bit. Everyone is happy to be inside for a while, doing less.

I don’t know about you, but I often expect far too much of myself. That I have endless capacity for creativity, and that I can achieve a task if I put my mind to it. Even when it is abundantly obvious that I am overworked.

Therefore, I have something to propose to my fellow creatives.

When there is a change of season, use it as a moment to take stock. Remember what you have achieved, but also consider your energy, capacity, and whether or not you used it well. Maybe this season will be a more restful one than your last, or maybe it will be more active.

I, for example, will probably always be more active in summer, because I hate the cold and it makes me tired. Therefore, I get things done while the weather keeps me happy.

So take a moment as the seasons change. Remember what you’ve achieved, be proud of yourself of course, and then decide how to live for this next season.

Jena Ren, 2022

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  1. What a banger of a line “and then decide how to live for this next season”. Love it!

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