the lonely letter

Once upon a time, there was lonely letter. It had started as a lonely sound.

B​ut rather than stay as a lonely sound, it attached itself to another sound. Together they both weren’t so lonely anymore.

B​ut now it was a lonely letter.

L​onely wasn’t perhaps the very best word for it, after all.

I​t was more shy than anything else. After being a lonely sound for so long, it was hard to summon the courage to be read regularly.

S​o off the page it stayed. Which was really terribly inconvenient for the other letters.

Therefore, they formed a plan. There was one letter who didn’t feel it got enough page time. Under-used, although it was tremendously common.

W​ith the help of this letter, the lonely letter slowly crept onto the page. A noble deed, indeed.

O​ver the years, its confidence grew, till it wasn’t so shy and lonely anymore.

N​ow, no matter how much it would like to be rid of its rather showy pair, it’s trapped for life.

S​o if there is any lesson to learn from this story, it is to quickly quell your qualms, so you don’t become tied to a quarrelsome quack for a quincentenary.

Jena Ren, 2022.

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