comfort creation

We’re all tired sometimes.

We often talk about comfort food – for example, I may just make myself an apple crumble this afternoon. Something warming. Comforting.

I often find myself doing the same thing in the rest of my life.

What show do you put on when you just want to feel relaxed? What music? What clothes? Where do you walk?

All of those little pieces show you a glimpse of how you’re feeling, even when you’re not paying attention yourself.

So does the same principle apply in creativity?

What do you create when you are seeking that comfort?

I was asking myself the other day why I even still have this blog. I need to maintain an online presence, yes, but do I really need weekly posts?

And I realised that I find it comforting. Writing music is so much fun, but I often find it quite exhausting. There’s always so much to think about and it demands my entire brain.

But writing for this blog is less layers, and far less constraint. And what’s amazing about it is that it gives me back the energy I need to make other things. It comforts me, and frees my brain up to process.

So, despite not being a poet, I write poetry. I create something that doesn’t have the pressure of being primped, preened and polished.

Why am I writing and thinking about this, then?

Well, if you’re at all like me, you will feel guilty for not being able to work on the big projects all the time. Guilty that you are spending time on something else.

And this is a reminder to not be. Sometimes we need that comfort that allows us to breathe, and take time to allow something else to grow naturally, rather than be over fertilised.

Happy creating!

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