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Hello and welcome to ‘Season 2’ of mad music mondays. In the first season, I explored the creative process that led to the release of my single, you should know. To go through that journey, I’d advise starting at episode 1.

In this season of mad music mondays, I’m doing a throwback. To my university days, and the music I wrote during my composition degree. One of my composition teachers once told me never to change what I wrote then; let it be who you were at the time. Therefore, in this season, I will be looking back at who I was, and see if there are any parts of me that I would rather like back. You can find last week’s episode here.

Episode 6.

In this final episode of season 2 of mad music mondays, I’m looking at the music I wrote for a short film.

I absolutely adored this project. It was almost like getting to play a game, inviting the audience into an experience. I decided that the music could shift the story, subtly. I don’t know if I think I succeeded, but I enjoyed the process no end.

I seemed to have a pattern of what I learned in this series. A pattern reminding me that there is something fantastic in being myself, in doing something ‘the way I would do it’.

For this one, I remember having a first inclination of what to do, and simply not wavering from it. I completed trusted my gut, something I’ve been reminded of a few times lately!

Writing this music was completely joyful (although still difficult), and although I know that not all creative moments can be like that, that joy is definitely something I want back.

Video used with kind permission of Academy Films.

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Jena Ren, 2022

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