invite them in

I was looking back over my own writing a little while ago. And I noticed something.

The more I write (and the further I get away from my time of academic writing), the less words I use.

Want proof? Check out the length of this post, versus this post.

What are the differences between these post? Well, the length. From the entire length, to the length of singular paragraphs.

But actually the main difference is how I thought about my audience.

I heard an excellent question to ask yourself as a writer the other day:

“What game are you inviting the audience to play?”

Now, there are so many ways to translate this. But what struck me was the reminder that your audience bring themselves to whatever you make.

For example, when I write music, I am often tempted to overdo a certain technique or lyric, to make a point clear. But my audience doesn’t need that. They will figure it out, they are intelligent. (You’re welcome for the compliment).

The same is true in writing a simple blog post. I could write paragraphs and paragraphs on an idea. But actually, the point of this format (for me) is to invite thought, invite ideas and invite creativity.

There’s nothing more to say really, other than remember that your audience (whatever your format) bring themselves wherever they go, and your only job is to invite them in.

Jena Ren, 2022

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