a few of my favourite things

One of my sisters gave me a delightful present many years ago.

A favourite things book.

A book where I note down all of my favourite things.

It has now made the list of one of my favourite things.

How often do you spend time doing your favourite things? Not just the things you enjoy, but the things that are your ABSOLUTE favourite.

For some reason, we seem to ration these. Ration out our favourite things, save them for when we really need them.

But why don’t we need them now?

As someone who creates, I am better at all of my work when I allow my favourite things to be part of my life regularly. When I let myself buy flowers, eat my slightly expensive favourite fruit, get on a train to go on a magical walk in the woods; I have more space, and strangely time, to create.

Most favourite things are easier to include in your day than you would think.

So I am giving myself (and you) a challenge.

Choose a favourite thing. Include it in your everyday life for the next week; and remember that it’s your favourite. Enjoy it like it’s your absolute favourite thing.

I hope that it brings some joy to your day, but also inspires your work and gives your brain the spark it’s been missing.

Jena Ren – 2022

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