the anti-climax of perceived success – mad music mondays

Episode 7.

For those just joining, welcome to mad music mondays, where I will be taking you on a journey through my creative process of releasing my first single. Last week’s episode is available here.

At this stage of the journey, it’s weirdly… anti-climactic. Most of us assume that someone is successful based on outward signs, right? So if someone has released a single, runs multiple websites, has a professional job, and is able to write about it, that equals success.

Unfortunately, that’s just not true. Although I am proud of my achievements, I would hardly term myself as ‘successful’. And even though I know it takes a lot of work for any of your projects to pay off, there is always this hope that this project will be the one that ‘makes it’.

What I’ve learned from this process, more than anything, is that we need to figure out what success is, why we want it, and how to enable success in others. I don’t have answers for these yet.

But what this has done for me is made me question what I am chasing, and why I am chasing it. I’m still planning to release more music, definitely. But what I want that music to do, to be, is not what it was two years ago. And I’m glad this process taught me that.

So I am proud of what I have made. And I will always wish to change parts of it. And I will always hope for more for it. But the best part of something being behind you is getting to start something new.

I’m looking forward to telling that story on the next instalment of mad music mondays.

The song, ‘you should know’, is about that fleeting, uncomplicated moment of realising that you like someone. The brave among you will send it to your crush (whether or not they know).

If you number among those brave souls, please comment ‘challenge accepted’. Knowing that will bring me great joy.

Jena Ren – 2022

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