how to write a story

How to Write a Story

Step one of writing a story is to wait. Wait until it is your turn to tell the story. Move too soon, and it will never be your turn. You will be lost, replaced and the story will happen without you.

Step two of writing a story is to follow instructions. Stories have strong opinions of their own, and it is unwise to try to disagree with them. Follow the instructions, weedle your thoughts in here and there, but never tell them that you think they are wrong.

Step three of writing a story is to save your ink till it is needed. It might seem tempting to spend all your ink on the beginning, or save it only till the end. Neither is the correct course of action. Rather, measure out your ink wisely, sharing it over ideas that are worthwhile. Otherwise, you will never finish any of the stories that you start.

Step four of writing a story is to never disagree with the writer too loudly. Although you may occasionally dissent, do it with all subtlety. Simply stick on a point, giving pause. Make the writer think, but never let them know that it was you that caused them to do so.

Step five of writing a story is to accept that you will never receive the recognition you deserve. While others will be showered with praise, you will more than likely be returned to a shelf, maybe to be used again, or maybe not. Your own self appreciation must be what carries you through in these times. That and the hope of maybe writing another story some day.


An author’s pen (second favourite).

Jena Ren, 2022

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