the sound of water

What is the sound of water?

Is it the water on water, the splash against the rocks, the persistent current, sometimes roaring, sometimes babbling.

Or is it the memory of the sound? The memory of sitting next to a creek or a dam to go yabbying (how delightfully Australian that sentence is). The stream weaving its way through the trees in the valley between the fields.

The sound of water is more than its sound. It is nostalgia, an audible memory of rest.

Why am I writing about it? Well, I am sitting at a new cafe, next to water, taking a moment.

A moment to breathe, reflect, and watch the leaves grow from the bare trees.

We overthink rest. And sometimes we need full escape.

And sometimes all we need is the sound of water, a cup of tea, and the green of the trees.

Find your sound of water. I hope it is as refreshing for you as it is for me.

– Jena Ren, 2022

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