who is jena ren?

For those of you have been around for a while now, well done on putting up with my regular rebranding, inconsistent posts, and yet still always turning up when I have something to say.

The biggest change has been the name attached to this blog – from Jenny Guilford to Jena Ren.

So, who is Jena Ren?

Well, Jena Ren is me.

Choosing an artist name is surprisingly difficult. I realised very quickly that I didn’t want to release music under my own name, for the simple reason that it felt rather mundane.

Many people make this choice, altering their name, even if it is only slightly, so that it is a little bit more ‘catchy’.

To come up with Jena Ren took a long time. I’m certain there are those out there who will be able to figure out where it came from pretty quickly.

Take a moment.

Read it quickly.

If you guessed ‘family nickname’, well done!

In my family, we have many little ‘fondnesses’ that we give one another. It felt special to include that in my artist name – after all, my family put up with enough early morning practices to receive all the prizes.

So, that’s Jena Ren.

Oh, and you can listen to her new single, ‘you should know’. Here you go.

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