I hope the level of excitement this news should communicate is made clear by the fact that I have broken my own style guide to use CAPITALS in my title. Oh yes, it’s exciting.

This is far later announcement than I originally planned, and for those people who follow me on Instagram (@jrdesignsmelodies), this is not news at all.

But for those who haven’t yet taken that step, exciting news coming your way, because my new single ‘you should know’ is live on all major streaming services!

It was a really interesting process to write this single, and I think only other creatives could understand me when I say that as proud as I am of my work, I could happily never listen to it again.

The song is about that fleeting, uncomplicated moment of beginning to have a crush on someone. The brave among you will send it to your crush.

If you number among those brave souls, please comment ‘challenge accepted’. Knowing that will bring me great joy.

Album cover art credits @lessiescribbles. Isn’t she clever?

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