don’t wait for the glass slipper

Where is my glass slipper?

Sitting alone under a tree, there’s a girl.

A girl who longs to go to the ball, but doesn’t know how yet. She’s not even sure what ball she wants to go to yet.

But she is still under the tree. But not under the tree that way you’re picturing it. She is under the tree, staring up at the leaves, back to the sun.

She’s not even in the sun. She is in the deepest part of the shade.

And there she waits.

She waits because someone once told her that it all would happen when the time was ‘just right’.

That it would happen all at once, when she least expects it.

So, she waits.

It has to be said, it’s boring to sit under a tree, day in, day out, staring up at the leaves.

Sure, leaves are interesting. The grass is soft, and it’s safe.

But nothing ever happens under the tree.

One day, she had had enough. Enough waiting for the moment, enough waiting for the magical glass slipper that would somehow move her on to the next chapter.

Standing up, she decided to find that chapter for herself.

I have to tell you, she is going to get lost on the way. But that doesn’t mean she is not going to find what she’s looking for.

At least she is looking.

Are you?

Don’t wait for your glass slipper.

Jena Ren (Jenny Guilford) – 2021

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