Your Story

In a world full of stories, I know the ones that will always be my favourites.

I want to tell you just how much I love

Your story.

The story of you, how it was you came

To be.

I watch you tell it, I see you think

It’s boring.

But I’m here to say it is anything

But that.

Your story is one of the greatest things

Anyone could hear.

It’s a testimony of who you are,

Of who you have loved, and what you have done.

You say that others lives mean more than yours.

Just more.

Like Greta, or that kid with the top score.

You say that their stories always mean more.

Just more.

And you point to that top instagram page.

Remember their story will never be

What your story is.

You really wouldn’t want it to be that.

Your story is full of as many twists

and turns, as any of us could wish for.

Your story is a


And life is always,


Worth hearing about.

So I want to tell you how much I love

The story of you.

I love it because

It’s yours.

And I love that it’s


Because I love you.

Jenny Guilford/ Jena Ren – 2020

This post was originally published January 15, 2020.

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