where is the love

You are exhausted.

I am exhausted.

We are exhausted.

Where is the love?

It shouldn’t really come as a surprise. 2020 is finished, but this period in history seems determined to linger beyond one lousy calendar.

And we are exhausted.

Exhausted by masks, exhausted by statistics, exhausted by fear, both our own and other peoples.

And yet we continue. We are still filled with this urge to keep achieving, keep pushing, keep growing. Because surely nothing should stop us from starting, enduring and finishing our varied races to our goal.

But where is the love?

I made a new policy in 2020. I decided that I was officially unable to monitor how I was feeling by just stopping and thinking.

Instead, I put myself in front of a mirror, and asked:

‘How is that person feeling?’

It was one of the few effective ways I found to make myself stop.

It was the way I managed to find the love I needed to show to myself.

Because it is true that it’s not time to stop. It’s not time to give up. It’s not time to despair.

Keep going.

Keep creating.

Keep achieving.

But remember, you are exhausted.

So put on that song. The one that for some reason is stuck in your head (if I’ve played my cards right, pretty sure I know what song it will be). Take a moment. Breathe.

Where is the love?

It’s right here. You already have it. Just remember that you do, and give it back to yourself.

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