A post that’s not about COVID-19

If we’re honest, we’re all a bit tired of hearing about it, right?

Life is bigger than one thing.

Instead of discussing that one thing, let’s talk about something else.

Someone said to me earlier this week that spring is definitely in the air. And here in London, it really is. Spring blossoms appearing on every second tree, from full bloom to just the first bud, and a freshness to the air that is beyond just being cold. Every year, it’s hard to believe that spring will ever come. We’re cold, longing for the sunshine, and just when we think it will never come round again, flowers start to appear and skies turn blue.

It made me think of this quote from Anne of Green Gables, easily one of my favourite books.

But there, as Mrs. Lynde would say, the sun will go on rising and setting whether I fail in geometry or not. That is true but not especially comforting.

L.M. Montgomery

I often find myself getting caught up in whether or nto what I’m doing will succeed. Will I find the people to support my project? Will people be interested in engaging with my work? How will I cope if this idea never actually happens? How can life continue if this all falls apart?

But the world is not resting on any of our successes. The sun keeps on rising and setting, whether our plans eventuate or not.

That does not mean stop trying. It does not mean to take all the pressure off yourself, and just coast.

What it does mean is that you need to remember to take a breath. Look outside. Watch the seasons. Birds in the trees, blossoms coming out, life continuing even when you feel like you’re failing.

Even though it’s not especially comforting, it’s true that the world won’t end because something in your life goes the wrong way.

Take a break, read a book. And get up and try again tomorrow.

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