no more summer

When I wrote the post no more winter, I knew that it would not last for long. For now I can say that there is no more summer; because it is back to the other side of the world for me.

As of Saturday, I have moved to London. Although it might sound insane to leave behind the warmth and come to the cold, I am excited to be back.

The last three months have been a strange combination of saying hello, goodbye, packing up, getting ready to settle in and eating as much Australian brunch food as possible.

So here I am. In winter, in London, settling into a new life. Fortunately, wherever in the world I am, God is still good.

What this means is that the radio silence that has taken over this site for the last month is now over; now that my time is not taken up with goodbyes and organising myself, I can get back to writing properly.

Here’s to creating more words, creating a new normal and staying sane along the way!

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