The Finest Example

Lately, I have been receiving some beautiful encouragement from a number of sources. From professional collaborators, friends and family. It has been truly wonderful to have people enjoy what I make.

And this made me realise something (which really is patently obvious). People have been able to encourage me and enjoy my work because I have actually shown it to them. Something that I didn’t realise would be so very hard to begin with.

Which brings me to the point of this post – a new website which has recently featured some of my poetry. It is a concept brought to life by Peter Wyn Mosey, called ‘The Finest Example’, and looks to publish the very best that writers have to offer.

I am here to encourage you to do two things. One; seriously consider submitting some work to this website. Peter is a fantastic writer and curator, and you can trust him with your work. Two; actively support this website. Not only because people always appreciate your support, but because it’s going to have increasingly wonderful writing available on it, and that’s always worth finding.

Happy creating and reading!

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  1. […] good friend, Jenny, is an inspiration to me. She wrote this on her blog: “People have been able to encourage me and enjoy my work because I have actually shown it to […]


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