the best cinnamon bun in the world

I didn’t know if I would like cinnamon buns.

I do now.

At the beginning of our epic Canada adventure, my sister and I were in Vancouver. Both of us, especially my sister, love to bake, so we were excited when a friend recommended Grounds for Coffee as the best place to eat cinnamon buns. The cafe itself makes the bold claim of having the best cinnamon buns in the world.

Being from Australia, cinnamon buns aren’t really a big thing back home. Instead, we’re all about lamingtons and pavlova. Those two classic dishes are certainly delicious… but man, cinnamon buns. They are next level.

If you are fortunate enough to be anywhere near Grounds for Coffee right now, stop what you’re doing. Get your wallet, and go buy a cinnamon bun. No, this isn’t a paid post. They really are that delicious.

They also had some of the largest coffee mugs I’ve ever seen!

We would never have ended up at Grounds for Coffee if a local hadn’t recommended it. And it got me thinking; what can I tell travellers about that I think they shouldn’t miss?

Although I have recommendations for Canada, we all know that recommendations from locals are what we’re really after. Therefore, from here, I could write a long list of places where I think you should eat when you’re next in Melbourne, my home city. But instead, I’m just going to share one, because if you are anything like me, a long list will only leave you feeling overwhelmed.

So today’s recommendation is inspired by the thought of enjoying it with a cinnamon bun – the chai latte from Mr. Tulk at the Melbourne State Library. A firm favourite of students and professionals alike, I can never get over how many people say to me, ‘Oh, have you tried the chai latte at the Melbourne State Library?’

Melbourne is well-known for the quality of its cafes and food, but this is genuinely one of the most delicious chai lattes I have ever had. And believe me, I have had many! So next time you’re in Melbourne, how about ordering a chai latte from Mr. Tulk? You can even say a local recommended it.

What local secrets do you have about your hometown? Share them with your fellow-travellers; then everyone can enjoy them!

3 responses to “the best cinnamon bun in the world”

  1. The cinnamon bun looks nice but the ones in Sweden and Finland are in my opinion the best!

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    1. I will have to try them when I travel there! It is a rather bold claim made by the cafe. But no less delicious either way 🙂

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  2. […] was, quite simply, one of the most beautiful and joyful days we had in Canada (although the cinnamon buns come close). I hope that if you ever get the chance to get to Vancouver Aquarium, you take it, and that it has […]


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