Am I actually funny?

I wrote a line in my script the other day.

A line that had me crying because I was laughing so hard.

Even thinking of it now I can’t help but grin.

Unfortunately, as it relies heavily on context, I can’t share it here, as it would just seem nonsense.

But ever since writing it, and liking it so much, I have been worried. Worried that it is not in fact funny. That it is just silly and it makes no sense. This is definitely not an unfounded thought. I have been known to like very stupid jokes. For example:

‘What’s grey, and bigger than a box of tictacs?’



‘A carpark.’

That joke (when told with the appropriate drama) will make me laugh. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Just like this video does:

As a teacher, I have tested both this joke and this video out on a room full of people, several times. Different ages, different personalities, different backgrounds… And invariably, it ends up being half and half. Half think it is hilarious, and the other half just don’t understand what is so funny.

And when you’re writing for completely unknown audiences, I just don’t quite know how to proceed. Do I just continue to write what I find funny, or consider a much wider demographic when including humour?

I think the second one is the correct answer.

So, in the spirit of development and learning, I would like some help. I want to understand what other people, who think differently to me, find funny. Therefore, if you are willing and have time, please share your favourite joke. As a short side-note, I will moderate all the jokes. If I find any of them to be inappropriate or sexist, I will remove them.

Attached to the joke, please explain what about the joke is appealing to you. Apart from hopefully sharing a bit of humorous joy, this would be wonderfully helpful to me!

I’ll start.

My favourite joke is:

‘Why did the chicken cross the road?’


‘To get to the idiot’s house’

‘Knock knock’

‘Who’s there?’

‘The chicken’

I love this joke because it uses well known forms of joke telling, and therefore has a certain level of predictability. I will also almost always like jokes that are a bit nonsensical and simple, and that I can’t explain. I just know I like them.

If you have a favourite, please share it. I guarantee it will make people smile!

4 responses to “Am I actually funny?”

  1. I thought the cat video was funny! Also, my favourite jokes at the moment are these Christian memes..


    1. Glad to hear I’m not the only one 🙂 and I love those memes. So good.


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