in which we meet the writer

Welcome to my new blog. Wipe your feet on the proverbial welcome mat and take a seat. I hope you have a hot beverage of your choice with you, as that always makes reading better, don’t you think? If not, pop up and make one.

Now that we are all cosy and settled in, I’m sure you’re wondering who the person who is telling you to make that cuppa is.

I’m Jenny – a composer, writer, teacher & christian from Australia. I enjoy both tea and coffee, international adventures & strawberries freshly picked from my parent’s garden. This is my first blog, and I hope you will enjoy it.

This is me visiting Hobbiton – so green!

You’ll see from the list above that I have some different passions in my life. I was lucky enough to study music, majoring in composition, at the University of Melbourne, as a fresh-faced 18-year old. Next came the teaching degree. No, it wasn’t a ‘those who can’t do’ situation. I love teaching.

The writing has always been a passion of mine, that has recently resurfaced in my life. I hope the Christian part is self-explanatory; I am a non-denominational, born again Christian, who is following wherever God leads me.

I’m blogging because I have stories to share. And this is one of the most effective ways to do that.

Broadway musicals have been a highlight!

This blog is being started to share my experiences as an aspiring writer and composer, particularly the latter. Last year I quit my teaching position to take this year off to travel, write music, and live in England for a time. The simple fact is I have transitioned from working full time, not having any time to pursue creative tasks, to having all the time in the world. It’s scary, it’s wonderful, and I am learning a lot.

I will mostly cover what I learn, what I would never do again, what I wished I’d done, and (probably the smallest section) what has been an outrageous success, with a few other reflections on general life thrown in.

I know that this is the point where a lot of people will be thinking… ‘is this blog for me?’ The answer is it might not be, or you may enjoy it. I’m writing for people who are wondering what it is like to pursue a creative dream. This is not an advice column, it is a place where I am sharing what I have experienced. So if you are interested in coming along for the journey, please join in.

Speaking of joining in, I know there will be some readers who are wondering about how you can interact with my ideas here. I generally welcome comments, and please feel free to disagree with or question my ideas. That is how we all grow as creatives and people. If anything that is posted is inappropriate, it will be instantly removed. This should be a safe place for everyone involved.

My hope for this blog is that, while it documents my creative journey, it encourages others to engage with creative ideas, support aspiring artists and reflect on their own lived experience and how it has shaped them.

That’s about it. You probably still have most of that cuppa left. While you drink it, why not go down and click that subscribe button. You won’t regret it!

Image taken in Summerside on Prince Edward Island by yours truly.

9 responses to “in which we meet the writer”

  1. Hello, and welcome to WordPress. Enjoy blogging, I love it, such great fun.

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    1. Hello and thank you for your welcome! I am already enjoying it, and can’t wait to understand how to do it better. 🙂

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  2. mphtheatregirl Avatar

    I am a 25 year old from the United States. I love to go to musical theatre, one of the main niches of my blog. In addition to going to musicals, I love to read, volunteer, and right now working on writing not one, but two fiction books. Of the two, dedicated to one more than the other. I also enjoy hiking.

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  3. Thank you for coming and visiting my blog! It’s very encouraging to get a comment on a first blog post, so thank you. I hope you’ll enjoy my posts about musical theatre; it’s a serious passion of mine. 🙂


    1. mphtheatregirl Avatar

      Musical theatre is a strong passion of mine as well

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  4. Thank you for visiting my blog, Jenny. I’m a big music lover of many genres which I use to inspire my writing. I’m also interested in the creative life and applaud your risk-taking in pursuing such an adventure. It’s easier to do when you are young. I’ll be interviewing more creative souls in the months to come. Please join the conversation.

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    1. Thanks for your encouragement! I most certainly will join the conversation, it is always challenging and inspiring to hear about other creative journeys 🙂


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